Thursday, February 2, 2012

The life of a sick mama

So, I have got the flu. It is not fun whatsoever. But, it is LESS fun with a newborn baby under three weeks old. My little girl is my main concern. Am I going to get her sick? If she gets sick will it last long? 

Luckily, the Drs told me that due to her immune system, she should be fine. But it doesn't help a new mommy from worrying. So far, I think her biggest concern is to eat and poop, sleep comes without her even trying. Of course, that is only when she knows mommy doesn't have the option to sleep. Night time? It has become Movie time. My Isabella thinks that sleeping during the day is her night time, and night is when she should stay away so mommy MAY get 1 hour of sleep or so. 

Hey, atleast it has given me the chance to start watching the seasons of 21 Jumpstreet like I've been wanting to. That is great, but believe me, sleep would be greatly appreciated. 

And food? HA! I am lucky to eat a few bites before little miss decides she needs attention from mommy, RIGHT AWAY! I have eaten THREE full meals since the day she was born. It is sad when I look at food and think "I might as well say goodnight now, cause I'll never get to eat you". 

Anyway, I seem to have a little time, as you can see this blog has been written. But of course, this is with Bella behind me making small noises, trying to let me know that she wants mommy time and it is NOT acceptable for me to be here.

So, much love to you all and I will talk to you soon! Hopefully less sick with more sleep.



  1. I hope you feel better soon! It won't be too much longer until Miss Thang decides to start sleeping longer during the night. I love you both very, very much!!

    1. Sleep. Oh, how I miss it. We love you too Squishy!