Sunday, February 5, 2012

Insomnia can bite my....

So, I should know better than to think I will get some sleep. It just NEVER happens when you want it to. Little miss slept for several hours last night (probably the first time she has slept at night for more than an hour since she was born)... 

So, silly me, I expected to sleep. But Nooooo. My stupid body decided that I didn't need to sleep. So, here I am running on probably 5 hours of sleep for the last WEEK. Oh, the joys of parenthood.

But, since I am feeling a bit "WHO AM I GOING TO KILL NEXT?", I think I should probably cut this entry short. Don't want you all to start reading and want to cry or send the men with those nice white coats after me. Although, I do like to hug myself. And with how clumsy I am, a padded room might not be so bad. 

So, hey, maybe I should write some more. Seems like I might get a good deal out of it... :P

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