Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, guess this means I need to introduce myself. 
I'm a 22 year old mother to an amazing little girl. My world was born just 18 days ago, and has since taken over my life in one quick swoop.
I used to write. I used to write a LOT. But for some reason, I gave it up years ago. Due to some inspiration from a couple of people, I thought a blog might be a good way to get me back into it. 

I am sitting here with my daughter laying behind me. And since she sounds like she might be getting fussy, I think this will be one quick entry. Not to mention the fact that I am sleep deprived, hungry and can't concentrate on anything other than the little sounds my Bella is making behind me. Which has just upgraded to a quick WHAA!

So, you wanna get to know me better? Well, be patient. It will all come with time. 



  1. I know what a great writer you are, and I can't wait to read more <3 I'm glad you were able to find some inspiration... Now, run with it!

    1. Thanks Squishy!! You and Shit Monkey were a big inspiration for me to get writing again.. I hope I can continue. <3